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Fenghuang Mountain

Regards as the "Small Mt.Huangshan", Fenghuang Mountain is approximately 33 kilometers away in a straight-line northwest from downtown Beijing. It is a challenging site, even for youngsters. But it is worth trying a trek along the tree-covered zigzagging natural mountain lanes.

The Fenghuang mountain covers 15 square kilometers and is divided into three travel sections: the South Travel...

Great Wall of China at Tiger Mountain

For a chance to clamber over the Great Wall, without having to deal with throngs of tourists, this Ming-dynasty section, which runs along the North Korean border, might be your best bet.

Xiang Shan (香山公园)

Xiang Shan is a beautiful mountain near the outskirts of Beijing, China. It is very accessible to children and adults of all ages, and can be climbed by people who do not go hiking on a regular basis. There are cable car services up and down the mountain.



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