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South Beauty

Sichuan cuisine is one of Chinese eight cuisines which has profound cultural connotation. With different dishes there are different delicacy, every dish is exquisite, for its strong delicacy, Sichuan cuisine is famous in domestic and abroad.

South Beauty as the leader of Chinese catering industry propagates the spirit and inherits the culture of Sichuan cuisine. Based on the feature of...

Chenmapo beancurd

If you want to try authentic spicy chinese food in Chengdu, you should not miss this restaurant !!

The signature dish is Mapo Tofu, you can taste the authentic mapo tofu and other great dishes such as La zi ji and dan dan noodle with reasonable price. This restaurant is popular among local people and tourists, it has opened for more than 140 years. Here is the first and only...

Noodle Bar

One of the great noodle places in Beijing, China.

The food here is simple but great, you can choose the thick or thin noodle with great broth and meat. There are outside and inside area, If you choose to seat inside you can actually watch the the hand pulling noodel action which is pretty amazing. The decoration of this restaurant is comtemporary with cozy atmosphere and the price is...

Xiao Shu Hang Shanghai style Tea Restaurant

An all vegetarian Shanghai Style tea restaurant has just opened in the Dapinglin MRT Station! As Xiao Shu Hang is still testing the business water in that area, the dishes are actually cheaper than what is written on the menu. There are many choices, from traditional snacks such as steamed buns (also known as xiaolongbao), delicious appetizers like simmer-fried king oyster mushrooms, rice...

Yum Cha Restaurant

Looking for a great dim sum place in Singapore ? China town is the right area where you can find the great chinese restaurant here. YUM CHA restaurant is located in the center of china town in Singapore, it opens from breakfast time to dinner time. During breakfast to high tea time, you can have the authentic dim sum here with tradition way by serving with push carts. For dinner, there are...

FiFi tea house & lounge bar

This restaurant was owned by a local fashion desiner Isabella Weng-- fifi is her nick name.
The basic idea of this restaurant is combining anicent chinese tea culture with modern lounge dining bar.
If you are seeking a totally different atmosphere of dining place, you should check this place out.
It will not disappoint you.

Vegetarian Tiger (素虎)

Vegetarian Tiger, (素虎, ‘Su Hu’ in Chinese) is a beautifully decorated vegetarian restaurant located on Shuangqing Road in Beijing, just a few miles south of the Beijing University campus. 

This place has great service and a wide selection of delicious vegetarian foods and meat substitution dishes drawn from different regional Chinese cuisines. They also have a selection of...

Beijing Bites

I've been to this place more than thrice with my sister and we end up ordering the same starter and it's so good Everytime. Peking chicken is a dish with strips of chicken deep fried and seasoned with some red garlicky chilli sauce. It's crispy and saucy. 
Other dishes like dry noodles and rice are good as well. Just how the Indians like Chinese food to be.
Ambience is...

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade is a Chinese Family style restaurant with very affordable prices with delicious food. Enjoy some of the best Chinese food in Singapore

Beijing JiuHuaShan (九花山) Peking Duck Restaurant

One of the most renown Peking Duck establishments in Beijing, China, JiuHuaShan serves a variety of traditional Chinese dishes. Recommended for restaurant-goers who feel a little adventurous, as there are some out of the norm dishes served here in addition to what one would expect from regular Chinese dishes.



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