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Roko Shira Daily Life Japan

A great chain which sells luxury brand name goods at discount prices!

Ebi Soba - Shop Chitose Food & Drinks Japan

Try this place for delicious Hokkaido ebi (Shrimp) ramen

Kiwamiya Food & Drinks Japan

Probably hands down the best meat patty you will ever eat. Saga Gyu beef...do not visit Fukuoka without going to this restaurant!

NHA VIET NAM Food & Drinks Japan

A very large and spacious restaurant in Ebisu. A very warm environment with plenty of seating areas for large parties. Enjoy a variety of Vietnamese traditional dishes at this restaurant.

Nadai Fuji Soba (Musashikoyama Location) Food & Drinks Japan

This soba place is not only very close to the major stop of Musashikoyama on the Nanboku Line, it also is in the middle of a long indoor mall! It's an easy place to stop off to get some lunch...

Kimune Food & Drinks Japan

This classy Izakaya is a high-end Yakiniku and Izakaya place located conveniently close to the Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City. While the lavish (and delicious!) dinner can be a bit expensive (read...

Rinshi No Mori Park Activities Japan

This is a beautiful park just a short walk from Musashi-Koyama station. It is expansive with a wide array of activities and a breathtaking pond and garden area in the middle always lively with...

Saizeriya (West Waseda Location) Food & Drinks Japan

This restaurant near campus offers inexpensive and satisfying Japanese-Italian cuisine at a convenient location. While you may find yourself dining alongside groups of high schoolers or clubs...

Naruto Taiyaki Honpo (Takadanobaba Store) Food & Drinks Japan

I worked at this taiyaki shop for almost a year. It has friendly staff and has gathered a large population of regulars that come to buy taiyaki every day. The prices are incredible and each...

Cafe VG Food & Drinks Japan

Cafe VG is a cute and incredibly stylish cafe conveniently nestled right beside the sprawling Waseda University campus. There are two very sweet dogs that are always there, as they are owned by...

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