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109 Cinemas Nagoya Activities Japan

109 Cinemas in Nagoya is one of the nicest movie theaters in the city. Centrally located near Nagoya station, this theater has countless screens, including an Imax. Concessions are generally quite...

TGI Fridays Nagoya Food & Drinks Japan

TGI Fridays, already a well-known restaurant in America, has spread to Japan in recent years. For travelers longing for a taste of authentic America food, look no further than this sports bar...

Maid Dreamin Maid Cafe Food & Drinks Japan

Maid Dreamin is located in the Osu Shopping District of Nagoya. This particular cafe has branches all over Japan, and is a popular haunt for curious tourists as well as the Japanese. 500 yen...

Usagi no Wonderland Rabbit Cafe Activities Japan

Usagi no Wonderland, one of Japan's many pet cafes, is a twist on the usual trend. Instead of cats, they have rabbits. Guests pay a fee of 1,660 yen for one drink and unlimited petting time with...

Bookoff Super Bazaar Activities Japan

The Bookoff Super Bazaar in Sakae is one of the nicest bookstore to be found in central Nagoya. Stocked full of manga, books, CDs and DVDs, this store offers a little something for everyone. There...

Pokemon Center Nagoya Activities Japan

The Pokemon Center in Nagoya is located on the 5th floor of the Matsuzakaya Department store main building in Sakae. Practically every imaginable Pokemon goods item can be found here, from lunch...

Matsuzakaya Activities Japan

Matsuzakaya Department Store is one of the largest in Nagoya. Located in Sakae, it consists of three separate buildings that span over a block. Almost anything can be found here, from designer...

Namaste Indian Restaurant Food & Drinks Japan

Namaste offers tasty, authentic Indian food right in the middle of Nagoya. They're known for their delicious curry and naan, and they also have a wide selection of beers. Their prices can't be...

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Activities Japan

Located in the Port of Nagoya, this aquarium is one of the city's most entertaining attractions. It contains a hugely diverse collection of marine life from around the world, and even some...

Sweets Paradise Nagoya Food & Drinks Japan

Sweets Paradise is an all-you-can-eat cake and sweets shop located in Nagoya. Around 1500 yen per person buys you 80 minutes of unfettered access to a dessert extravaganza. There are savoury...


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