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NHA VIET NAM Food & Drinks Japan

A very large and spacious restaurant in Ebisu. A very warm environment with plenty of seating areas for large parties. Enjoy a variety of Vietnamese traditional dishes at this restaurant.

Chiropractic Labo Daily Life Japan

A chiropractic clinic in Ebisu. They do various treatments for fixing alignments and other issues leading to pain and discomfort.

Bar Martha Food & Drinks Japan

A cool jazz and blues record bar.

Watarigarasu Food & Drinks Japan
BIAN Food & Drinks Japan
AFURI Food & Drinks Japan
Buri Food & Drinks Japan

Buri is a popular tachinomi spot in Ebisu frequented by foreigners and local Japanese. They have a good selection of yakitori and sake. 

Imari Food & Drinks Japan

A Japanese Okonomiyaki restaurant in Ebisu. 

Wine x Bistro GOU STAND Food & Drinks Japan

A standing wine bar in Ebisu.

Ebisu Yokocho Food & Drinks Japan

A very cool (slightly touristy) yokocho in Ebisu. It's basically 2 dozen different restaurants lined side by side in a corridor. You can walk through the area and pick a restaurant that you like...

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