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Tsunahachi Food & Drinks Japan

Tsunahachi is one of the tempura chain restaurants in Japan. They emphasize on "Newness in Tradition." First opened more than 80 years ago, they strive to preserve the traditional...

Kanidouraku Food & Drinks Japan

Enjoy high-class seafood cuisine in this traditional Japanese restaurant! Crab cuisine is their specialty (sashimi, tempura, soup, baked, pot, etc). The place is decorated in a traditional...

Aoba Food & Drinks Japan

The goal of Aoba is to realize the real nature of traditional ramen restaurants. It serves high-quality ramen in economic prices. Its soup has 3 times as much gelatin than ordinary ramen soup,...

Pierre Herme Paris Food & Drinks Japan

Pierre Herme, the French chef who masters the essence of high-class delicate desserts, has a motto -- The pleasure of taste is one, and the only one, principle. Pierre Herme café is...

Henri Charpentier Food & Drinks Japan

Henri Charpentier is another good place for high-class French desserts like macaron, cookies and cakes. Each piece of patisserie is decorated so beautifully that it's like a piece of art. One of...

Lovers Rock Cafe Food & Drinks Japan
Lovers Rock Cafe Second Food & Drinks Japan
Tsunahachi: Shinjuku Food & Drinks Japan

     The head branch of a locally-loved tenpura chain, Tsunahachi prides itself on its fresh, high quality ingredients and resonable prices.  Though hidden away on a side...

Nakamuraya Food & Drinks Japan

Opening in 1927 as an Indian-style curry house, Nakamuraya has since expanded to include selections from a variety of international cuisines, as well as international and traditional Japanese...

Christon Cafe Food & Drinks Japan

A great themed restaurant. Food is very affordable for the decor and atmosphere you get. Very high ceilings and a cool place for all you vampires out there.


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