Maracas Bay

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No one should visit Trinidad without going to Maracas Beach. The plentiful palm trees that decorate the Bay offer shade from the sun for maximum relaxation in comfort. The ocean is active and formulates waves that can be fun to splash around in when you're in the shallow end or they can give experienced swimmers a welcomed challenge in the deeper ends of the water. It is one of the most beautiful beaches that Trinidad has to offer.  From its white sand and crystal blue water to the street vendors who sell everything from handmade trinkets to mouth watering native cuisine, Maracas is truly a tropical vacation destination that makes you never want to return home.


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Area/City Name: Port of Spain/ Trinidad
Country: Other


About an hours drive outside of the mountains capital. I recommend driving in the day unless a tour guide or experienced driver takes you because of the narrow roads among the mountains

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Carl Purcell

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