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Cafe de Sluyswacht

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This pub boasts one of the best terraces in the city- right on the water and a gorgeous view. It's a small building inside but there's plenty of space outside, so if the weather's nice you can easily spend a couple hours there without noticing! And without a doubt it's one of the best places to watch the sky as the sun sets. It's one of the few buildings left standing in the area after WWII bombings, so it has the whole view to itself, and maintains the architectural charm of the period. And as a bonus the drinks are cheap, especially compared to the surrounding bars!


Price: Inexpensive
Contact Number: 020-6257611
Contact Email:
Hours of Operation:


12:30 uur - 01:00 uur

fri & sat

12:30 uur - 03:00 uur


12:30 uur - 19:00 uur

Listing Type: Food & Drinks - Pubs

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Location Information:

Address: Jodenbreestraat 1
Area/City Name: Amsterdam
Postal Code: 1011NG
Country: Netherlands


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