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Matsushima (松島)

If you love nature and scenery, the Matsushima area is the perfect place to go. It's a peaceful and quiet town with a beautiful body of water bringing in a breeze. Going during the fall is the best time to go in my opinion because the colors of nature are just priceless. It's a wonderful place for a weekend getaway because they have calming activities such as bathhouses and shrines to visit.  ...

Shukkeien Gardens

Shukkeien was created in the year Genna 6 (1620) by Shigeyasu Ueda, a high-ranking retainer in the service of the Asano Clan who was also a renowned master of tea ceremony, to serve as a villa for Asano feudal lords. The garden's interior, said to have been modeled on the world-famous scenic beauty of China's Xī Hú (West Lake), was named "Shukkeien" (meaning "...

0 - 1,000 JPY

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