Koyasan Okunoin

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Koyasan is a mountain for buddhist ascetic training and destination of pilgrimage where the famous monk---Kukai, started to builds his temples here A.C 819. The mountain is not only famous for its many temples, but also for the tombs lying along the approach leading to main building ( which in Japanese is called Okunoin). Except for the tombs for normal people, here, you can also find tombs for famous military commanders during the Sengoku period, such as Oda Nobunga and Akechi Mitsuhide, and more interestingly, tombs of cooperations,  including the giants of different industries, such as Nintendo, Kirin Group, and Panasonic. If your are looking for experience of learning about the past and present of Japan in the nature, Koyasan  is your place of choice.


Contact Number: +81-736-56-2305
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Location Information:

City: Hashimoto-shi
Prefecture: Wakayama
Country: Japan

Closest Station: Nankai Koyasan Station
Neighborhood: Koyasan


Access by train: The Nankai Electric Railway makes 4 round trips a day by Limited Express, and runs Express trains at about 30-min intervals between Osaka Namba Station and Koyasan Station. It takes 1 hr 40 min by Limited Express, and around 2 hours by Express. It takes about 2 hours from Wakayama as well.

Access by car: From Osaka’s Kawachi-nagano to Hashimoto via Rt 371. Hashimoto to Koyaguchi and Kudoyama via Rt 24. Kudoyama to Koyasan via Rt 370 & 480. It takes about 2 hours from Osaka, 5 hours from Nagoya.

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