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A Quick Run Down of Seoul, South Korea A quick run down of Seoul, South Korea. Learn a few useful words, the names of some delicious food, and some great places to check out on your next visit to Seoul! americanninja
Tokyo City Guide YoNinja's best of the best. Tokyo is an amazing city and some will say the best in the world!! Our Tokyo city guide is a list of places that you just have to visit! The list consists of our favorite restaurants, bars, and activities to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has so much to offer. It can seen like a daunting task to choose what you'll do with so many awesome choices. With our years of enjoying Tokyo, these are YoNinja's top choices! Mr.Ninja
My Top Recommended Tokyo Sites After living in Tokyo for many years, I have hosted a lot of people through this amazing city. Below is my top list of activities for Tokyo. It consists of restaurants, sightseeing destinations, bars, and other activities. If you can check off at least a quarter of these on your next Tokyo trip, you will have a very fun trip! americanninja
London & Paris Quick and Dirty Food Guide A quick and dirty guide to dining out in Paris and London. This guide is meant for visitors that are passing through these two cities with only a few days in each. These are some of my favorite restaurants/places that you must visit whilst in these two amazing cities! americanninja
YoNinja's Best of Ramen - Tokyo, Japan It seems like you can't go more than 20 steps without seeing a ramen shop in Tokyo. Well....we L-O-V-E ramen and we thought we would share our favorite ramen joints with you in the first ever YoNinja's Guide to Tokyo's Best Ramen 2013! The votes are in and here is our top 5 ramen restaurants in Tokyo! Mr.Ninja
Seoul City Guide YoNinja's best of the best. Our Seoul city guide will ensure you have an amazing trip to Seoul filled with impressive sites, mouth watering food memories, and insane party nights! The memories you will take away from Seoul is that it has amazing food, amazing people, and nobody ever sleeps! Whether you fancy a big night out on the town, a nothing but food vacation, or to explore some of the historical sights, we got you covered! Mr.Ninja


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