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Sake Sushi Restaurant

An all you can eat sushi buffet for a very reasonable price. The quality is excellent at the price you are paying. They also let you sit for as long as you are eating. They don't rush you out! They give you a little menu to tick off your selections. Then, you just sit back and wait for your delicious food to arrive.

Frosty Delights

Delicious frozen yogurt at a very reasonable price - charged by the ounce. They have a variety of flavors to choose from too. This is like a typical frozen yogurt place. They provide you with cups to use at the self-serve frozen yogurt machines. Then, you take your cup filled with delicious frozen yogurt to the toppings bar. You can put any topping on your frozen yogurt. They have a variety of...


A malaysian restaurant that serves delicious good. This restaurant successfully puts a Chinese twist onto Malaysian dishes. People of all ages come to eat the delicious food.


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