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One of the best things has happend in the world, that is the magic land - Disneyland.

Have you ever noticed that everyone can still be a child even they are adult now when they are in the Disneyland ?

Yes, that is the magic power of DisneyLand, it is the place for everyone to dig out the innocent part of their own because here is the only place in the world where you can truly be yourself. The park is big enough that you may have to spend two days to play all the rides and watch all the shows and parade. The firework at the castle makes a perfect ending of the wonderful day that reminds you it is the time to go back to the reality with the best memory of your life.


Price: Moderate
Contact Number: +1(714) 781-4565
Hours of Operation:

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Listing Type: Activities - Amusement Parks


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Address: 1313 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
Area/City Name: Anaheim
District/State: California
Country: United States

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When I visited this park I was several months pregnant and had an 18 month old in tow - that cut out a lot of activities, so we were able to simply make this a very fun filled day trip...still, what a day! My little family had so much fun enjoying all of the characters, themed shops and restaurants, and slow going kiddy rides. Knowing how much fun we had even with our limitations, I can only imagine the kind of fun other families must have been having!


Definitely a great place to go. I have visited this Disneyland twice before, and it was still enjoyable when I visited the second time. You will need to stay over-night if you want to try out every activity. Great place for kids and parents, but for adults, the adventure park is better.


The "Happiest place on Earth". Don't let this place fool you as a kid's only attraction. Its a perfect place for couples and groups to visit. Dozens of rides and beautiful themed sets. Just remember, everything here is a bit-overpriced.


Disneyland is where kids would do anything to go to. That is how I used to be and that is how I am today, even though I am now 21 years old. The magic of Disneyland is very real as a child because the attraction and the Disney theme is everything a child needs to satisfy his/her desires. But at my age, this place is still a wonderful place to go to with my girl friend.

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