Waikiki Beach

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Here is what we called "vacation":

Wake up at 9 in the morning, walk to the beach from your room in 2 mins, enjoy the sun bath on the beach, have a great brunch at fantastic restaurant with great beach view, go shopping in a fancy shopping mall, back to the beach enjoy the sunset, have a romantic dinner at a world-class restaurant, end the day on the beach with astoning view at the night.

You can do all of them in one place - Waikiki Beach, one of the popular beaches in the world.

The beach itself is amazing clean, neat, beautiful and fresh; people can either stay on the beach enjoying the sun or do some water activities such as surfing, snorking and playing in the water; they offer some surfing lesson and umbrella, chair rental right at the beach. Besides, there is police station situated next to the beach, so it is defintely a fun and safe place to be. Plan your next vacation at the famous Waikiki Beach.


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Address: Kalakaua Blvd, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815
Area/City Name: Oahu
District/State: Honolulu
Country: United States

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There is so much to do within walking distance of Waikiki Beach. There are shops, bars, and restaurants abound. Many excursions also depart from Waikiki. The most enjoyable, and economical, activity departing from Waikiki Beach is a catamaran cruise that offers free mai tais. Waikiki is a very thrilling environment and the beach is beautiful, but also crowded. If you are interested in a more secluded beach on Oahu, I recommend Waimanalo. It's only about 20 minutes away from the excitement of Waikiki, but it feels like a completely different island. Beautiful and relaxing!


The beach is very nice, and as the main tourist destination on the island is close to loads of restaurants, hotels and entertainment. Don't let the police presence put you completely at ease, though. It's wise to remember that such a major tourist hub brings out the less than savory characters, and theft is one of the bigger problems on Waikiki Beach. Thieves have been known to take things right off the beach while people are in the water, so travel smart and stay aware of your surroundings if you visit this beach.
With so many visitors from all over the world, it's also a great spot to people watch. You really see all kinds of people here!


This is a great place I really like this beach!

I recommend anyone going to this island to visit this beach!


Such a beautiful place!


beautiful, entertainment and lovely beach.

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