Monkey Jungle Park and Research Center

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 "Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild" - an interesting slogan of Monkey Jungle Park.

Monkey Jungle was established in 1933, at first the purpose of this park is for study of endangered monkeys and they tried to build a natural habitat for monkeys to live. Then they opened for vistors to the park, but the only condition is they have to be the ones in the cages not the monkeys and it turns out to be a unique and interesting way of this park.

In Monkey Jungle, you have the opportunity to feed the monkeys ! You can purchase peanuts and dried fruit at the entrance then leave the food in the basket for monkeys, they will come to grab the food then run away very fast. That is a great experience to interact with monkeys here. 



Price: Inexpensive
Contact Number: +1(305) 235-1611
Hours of Operation:


 Daily 9:30 am until 5:00 pm


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Address: 14805 Southwest 216th St. Miami, FL 33170
Area/City Name: Miami
District/State: Florida
Country: United States

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