The Westin Bonaventure Hotel

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      The Bonaventure is a gorgeous hotel with many surprising and useful features. For starters, there is a fully equipped gym, a heated outdoor pool, an 'in-hotel' FedEx office for all your business needs, in-room spa, hair and nail salon, a gift shop, and so much more! This is a place where you can find leisure and delight in every corner, whether it'd be you enjoying one of the many restaurants, taking part in cooking classes, enjoying a nice cocktail or Starbucks coffee, waking up to the view of the historical architecture of many of the downtown structures that still exist, or just enjoying extravagant suits. Not only are the features and amenities offered plenty and fantastic, but the service provided, the security guards, and all other employees who work at the Bonaventure help make your stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. Though expensive, for all that this wonderful Hotel offers, I believe the price is right and you will get your moneys worth.

   No matter how long or short your stay is in the Bonaventure, you will continue to have good memories of your stay for years to come. To be able to list every possible thing one can enjoy at this Hotel would take a full news article, so what better way to discover all the possibilities than to go there yourself?

   So if your planning on staying in Los Angeles for a time, why not get your reservation today? Just visit: and enjoy your stay!



Price: Expensive
Listing Type: Hotels & Lodging - Luxury Hotel



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Address: 404 South Figueroa Street
Area/City Name: Los Angeles
District/State: California
Postal Code: 90071
Country: United States

Closest Station: DASH Stop Travel Distance: Approximately 0.0 km/0.0 miles, Union Station Travel Distance: Approximately 4.83 km/3.0 miles

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