Want to be a Shadow Ninja?

YoNinja is always looking for talented individuals to join our dynamic global team! If you’re interested in working in an exciting and challenging bilingual work environment, contact us using our contact form and tell us why you would be a good fit for our company! Or apply straight away by filling out our online application. Interested in working for YoNinja, but not sure what kind of positions we are hiring? Check out the team descriptions below and decide which best matches to your interests and experiences!

Bloggers, Food Critics, and Travel Writers

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you have a passion for food and travel? Then why don’t you become a Ninja Writer! YoNinja is looking for food and travel writers to be featured in our Travel Guides and More section of our website. We provide you with authoring tools and a dedicated author bio page on YoNinja.com. Your author bio page can be used to promote your website/personal blog and your YoNinja articles. You will also be enrolled in our Profit Sharing Program! The more views your page gets, the more money you will make! Earn ad revenue commission for the life of your listings/articles on YoNinja.com! Share your food and travel experiences with the world, all while having fun and earning some money! You can apply to become a Ninja Writer by going here.

Internship Program

Looking to gain real world experience with a team of translators, developers and/or designers? Looking to work with a multinational company? YoNinja is now accepting applications for our internship program! Our internship program is limited to a select few and is guaranteed to be an amazing work experience for the few that make the program. Our internship program is done in a remote work environment, so you will have the freedom to work out of your home (or anywhere) and with a schedule that fits into your busy work/life schedule. You will be able to work in one of the departments listed below and get real world experience, as well as refine and improve upon the skills you have already acquired from schooling or previous work experiences.

If you would like to apply to our program, you may do so by clicking here: APPLY NOW

YoNinja.com has relationships with several prestigious universities in Europe, Asia and North America. We partner with these universities to advertise the YoNinja Internship Program and ensure that we provide a quality internship that can be used for college credits or certification. We are proud to have worked with some amazingly talented individuals from universities all over the world. You can be rest assured that you will be challenged and amongst some of the brightest minds.

University Relationships – Check out our list of universities which our interns have come from!

Testimonials – Check out what some of our former interns have to say about the YoNinja Intern Program!

Graphic Designers

The graphic design department at YoNinja.com focuses on the visual appearance of www.yoninja.com. Type of work includes CMS theme modification, creating artwork for the website (icons, logos, banner ads, etc), business card design, print material design, and media production design (Sony Vegas, etc). Our graphic designers are also responsible for the visual layout of the site for ease of use and appearance. Our graphic designers are a key role in our company and essential to our progress and growth.

We are looking for graphic designers that are experienced in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects.
This person should also be skilled in CSS and possess experience with website themes and styling using CMS platforms like: Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, or WordPress.


What separates our website from the rest, is its functionality, and this is where our programmers and developers come in. The opportunities are endless, and we, at YoNinja have hundreds of ideas and need developers to help us realize these ideas. Our developers are responsible for maintaining the code of the website and creating new features and improve on existing ones. Our developers also focus on making code changes to improve usability of the website and add innovative features that our competition cannot match!

Looking for programmers experienced in Java, PHP, and experience programming modules and hacks to the large CMS platforms: Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, or similar.
Looking for CMS module programmers that can code custom modules and modify existing ones.
Looking for mobile platform developers experienced in iOS, Androids, and Windows

SEO and Marketing

Our SEO and market research department handles all the SEO work for our website to ensure that we are constantly on top of the search results of the major search engines. They are also tasked the job of studying the market, what our competition is doing, how they are doing it, and if what they are doing is successful. Our marketing group works hand in hand with our business intelligence group to make recommendations on the future direction of our company!

Looking for people experienced in SEO work and who possess the skills to bring a website to the top of all search listings.
Looking for people with experience in marketing through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Translation Services

Our translation services team works with our development and design groups to provide a multi-lingual experience to our visitors. They are in charge of translating the listings from English into several different languages as well as making sure all content on YoNinja.com is translated into our core languages. They love what they do and they are the best!

Data Input

We love our data input team!!! These guys are extremely detail oriented, highly efficient, and love what they do. Our data input team helps to control the content/data that goes into the YoNinja system. They are a bit content makers and a bit moderators. Our data input team handles the day to day task of adding new content and material to the YoNinja.com website. Interested in gaining experience in data input or honing your data inputting skills? Why not join the YoNinja data input team?

Business Analyst / Data Mining

Our business analyst/data mining group studies YoNinja’s data from all aspects. This group is responsible for understanding what drives our traffic and user experience. They work closely with our Marketing and SEO teams and are an extremely vital role within our organization!


With all companies, one is not complete without its sales department. Our sales team assists with client management and acquisition for our premium listings and advertisements. They contact companies and establishment owners via email, phone, and face-to-face meetings to introduce YoNinja’s services. We love our sales men and women, they are the best!

Creative Writing & Copywriting

Our creative writing and copywriting team works closely with all areas of the business. They work extremely closely with our SEO and marketing team to come up with new content ideas for our site and advertising campaigns. If you love to write and love to see those words help others around the world, then our creative writing and copywriting team is a perfect fit!