Welcome to YoNinja.com and thank you for becoming a member, or as we like to call you, a Ninja. We are going to briefly go over the current features of our site! Once you have read through this getting started guide, you will be on your way to getting the most out of YoNinja.com.

Current Features

  • Ability to browse and search through all of YoNinja.com listings!
  • Listings include information about the establishment, such as operation hours, contact phone/email, type of establishment, average cost, and much more. As registered YoNinja members, you will be able to add your own listings, comment on existing listings and share with your friends and fellow Ninjas!
  • Each listing has the ability to show a google map with the location of the establishment displayed for you to easily find your way.
  • You have the ability to bookmark your favorite listings and share these with your friends.
  • You also have the ability to invite your friends to join the YoNinja network as well as browse through our members directory to see what their favorite listings are.
  • The ability to add listings yourself! If a place is not listed and you wish to share it with your friends, simply add the place with our “Add a Listing!” menu link at the top of this page. It will take you only a few minutes to add your favorite bar, restaurant, or sightseeing destination, then you can share it with the world!
  • Comment and rate the listings on YoNinja.com. Want to make sure someone visits your favorite restaurant? Leave a comment and give it a high rating. Want to make sure they avoid that horrible restaurant experience you had? Leave a comment warning your fellow Ninjas!
  • Write reviews about the listings on this site. Or better yet, add a listing that is not currently on YoNinja and then write a review for it. YoNinja will hold monthly prize giveaways for members that contribute reviews of the establishments listed on this website. Members that receive the highest number of votes using our star rating system will be the winner of the month. We look forward to the friendly Ninja competition.
  • Share listings that you like on our site with your other social networking sites. YoNinja allows you to share your favorite listing by the click of a button. Click on the button below each listing called “Share/Save” and you can easily share the page with sites such as: Myspace, Digg, Twitter, Linkedin, Delicious, and many more. You can even email the page or send it as a text message to your friend’s mobile phone. Their are plenty of options available to you!
  • Facebook Recommend/Like listings. On every listing page there is a recommend button on the top that you can click to inform your Facebook friends that this is a great restaurant.
  • All our listings have printer friendly pages so that you can quickly find the restaurant or place you want to go, then print, and go! Or save a tree and use the Share feature to send the listing page to your phone!
  • Earn Ninja Points for cash prizes, Ninja Level-ups, and recognition. YoNinja awards prizes for users that contribute the most to YoNinja’s site. How do you earn points? Easy, post content to YoNinja! 5 “Ninja Star” points for listings, 2 “Ninja Star” points for reviews, 1 “Ninja Star” point for comments, and more. We post the rankings on our site and have a “Master Ninja” area to see who currently has the most Ninja Points! To read more about our point program, click here.

What is the purpose of this site?

YoNinja.com is a travel & review site. Think of YoNinja as your guide to life and the world around you. You can share your favorite travel destinations, research places to go and even find your local neighborhood bar! We hope to be your resource of information for your local city as well as any city you wish to travel to. YoNinja is made up of an active community of world travelers and doers, people that get out and explore the world around them! YoNinja consists of travel information, city guides, language guides, travel listings, reviews, and more! We hope to be your complete guide to your home town and everyone’s hometown!

How can I help?

That’s easy. You have already done the first step and that’s registering to become a YoNinja member! Now, all we hope you do is enjoy our site and add listings of your own to share. It’s simple and only takes about 1 to 2 minutes per listing. People are adding listings daily, so first, use our search engine to see if the listing you wish to add is already in our system. If it’s not, click on the “Add a Listing!” link above to share your favorite restaurant, bar, hotel, amusement park, etc, with the world.  If you wish to play an even more active role, YoNinja is always looking for Elite Ninjas to join our team. Check out our careers page.

Where should I start?

We recommend checking out our listings by clicking on the home menu link at the top of this page. Select a country that you are interested from and browse through our listings. Adding content to YoNinja is always a good start if you wish to share your favorite places with others. Also, check out your “My Account” page (the link is at the top right of this screen) to see what is available there. If you have any questions feel free to email us via our contact form.

How to win our “Critic of the Month” award?

YoNinja not only wants to be the best bilingual online listing directory with the best functionality, but we want to also provide the best reviews for restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Any registered member has the chance to become a food critic. On the listing page click on the “write a review” button to write a review about that listing. The YoNinja Member that writes the most reviews in a given month will win prizes such as: Free tickets, gift certificates, and food vouchers to our sponsors’ restaurants!

The YoNinja.com Team