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Mr. Ninja is very happy to to see you here today! Let me first tell you a little about YoNinja.com. YoNinja is a travel & review site, but we like to think of ourselves as a community of travelers. Sharing our stories and tips on the best place to eat, drink, and play. Think of YoNinja as your guide to life and the world around you. You can share your favorite travel destinations, research places to go, and even find your new favorite local neighborhood bar! We hope to be your source of information for your city, as well as any city you visit! Ambitious, huh?

To get started you will want to become a Ninja, you can do that by signing up for an account on our site. Let me explain a bit about what it means to be a ninja. Once you become a ninja, you get access to all the features of this site. You can browse, search, comment, add, favorite, and share listings on YoNinja.com. Mr. Ninja also gives you a trip planner where you can add places that you would like to visit on your upcoming trip. All of these features can be found in the dashboard of your user account.

Okay, so before you go, just a few things to remember, the login link and your my account page link is in the top right corner of our page. This is very important…be sure to check out your account page! You will use the “Browse Listings” and search boxes to search through the listings and articles on our site. You can also easily add listings to YoNinja by clicking the add listing button at the top of the screen.

If you ever get lost in your way, the “Help” link is in the menu bar to bring you back here. Okay my friend, the next step is becoming a Ninja, click here to get started!

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