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​Club Atom


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Club Atom is a great club and a pretty fun place for first-time-to-Tokyo foreigners to go to see the Japanese 20-somethings’ club scene. There are multiple floors and usually one is pumping trance beats and another is doing something more like hip-hop or R&B.
If you’re interested in seeing people do ParaPara dancing or seeing real life Gyaru and Gyaruo then this is a good place to be on a Saturday night. The drinks are between 500 and 1000 a pop, so prepare to spend money if you want to get your drink on. I think it’s worth checking out at least once while you’re in Tokyo!
This club will appeal to the 20-25 year old scene. Try and get there before midnight, after midnight it gets really packed. If your in shibuya, definately worth going on Friday or Saturday night! A bit hard to find though, try and look for promoter girls at the shibuya crossing.