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Colonial Williamsberg


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Colonial Williamsburg takes you back to the 18th century with it’s historically accurate buildings, authentic restaurants, and historic interpreters. The whole location stretches about a mile across and is filled with rich opportunities to experience history in a way that you never have before. Certain events occur right on main street, where you can hear the colonists discuss the issues related to an oncoming war, or hear a reading from the declaration of independence. Sometimes you’ll stumble into an event without even knowing, as was my case when I was treated to some wonderful coffee in a period-accurate coffee shop. 
There are other events that you may have to pay extra to sign up for, but they are well worth the investment. I personally recommend the ghost tours and the witch trial. 
There are so many things to do and see that even three days wasn’t enough to experience all of Williamsburg. I loved my experience there, and it gave me a better appreciation for colonial history. 
Shops, museums, hotels, and special events all add to the experience at Williamsburg, and you will be provided with a free bus service to give your legs a rest when you just can’t walk anymore.