Dochuan Youth Hostel


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Dochuan is advertised as a youth hostel, but it really is more like a Japanese inn. Rather than the usual bunkbeds and cramped showers, there are lovely tatami mat rooms complete with futons and a communal bathhouse style bathing area (separate for men and women). The rooms on each floor are also separated by men and women, so if traveling with someone of the opposite gender, you must stay in different rooms. It may seem old fashioned, but it’s a system that works especially well for those who travel solo. Some Japanese inns are a bit on the expensive side, so Dochuan may be a good option for the budget conscious. If you prefer peace and quiet when you get back to your hostel rather than crazy all-night parties, you will love it here. The owner is very nice and will be glad to help you with any questions you may have. His English is pretty good, so don’t worry if you aren’t confident in your Japanese abilities. There is an optional breakfast service for about 600 JPY (plus tax). If you are the type to sleep in but still want breakfast, never fear! They will make an announcement when they serve breakfast. Overall, Dochuan is a charming establishment with old fashioned ideals. For those who would prefer to take it easy on their trip to Sendai, it’s a much needed oasis in a big city.