Große Bockenheimer Str. 10


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Warm, quiet and cozy – this restaurant will not leave you disappointed! Restaurant Zarges (situated in Frankfurt am Main, Germany), is one of those elegant and exquisite restaurants we all see in movies and long to go to for a romantic date or a quiet family dinner. The interiors resemble those of an old library and are complemented beautifully with oriental rugs and lamps of the Baroque era. 
The restaurant aims at creating a French-Germanic menu with a dash of Mediterranean and succeeds skillfully. The dishes are delicate, ideally proportioned and delectable to say at the least. The salmon with sauerkraut and dumplings are absolutely to die for as is the goat cheese salad. Zarges also has a cute little bakery from which you can order or take away some lovely cakes and pies.
Wondering how large of a hole this fine dining experience is burning in your pocket? Worry not! A dinner (with desert and a drink) would not cost you over €35-€40. For me, this is the perfect place for a meal and a must visit for all of you planning your next Frankfurt trip.