Japanese grocery store located in the asian town of Convoy in San Diego. It offers typical Japanese groceries in addition to having its own restaurants, book store, hobby shop, as well as a porcelain shop. I am fully Japanese and it is very difficult to satisfy my needs going to usual grocery stores such as Vons or Ralphs. That being said, Mitsuwa provides anything a Japanese person would need to feel at home to the foreign country. Every item is straight from Japan, and a step into the store almost feels like a brief step into my home country. The book store provides most books of necessity and more upon ordering. The restaurants are great especially the Santouka Ramen. Hobby shop and the porcelain shops are not too big but they also provide enough items to steal your focus from your grocery shopping.
This is a go to place if you are any asian person in search of a clean asian shopping experiance!

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