Miyako Japanese Buffet


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Miyako Japanese Buffet is by far the best Japanese buffet in the Fort Lauderdale and the Pompano area! The rolls are so diverse and the quality is beyond superb, and best of all, it’s incredibly affordable. The lunch special is just under $14 and you can stay there for as long as you want, or until your tummy can fit no more. Believe me, I would know. Most Japanese buffets in the area lack quality and a diversity of fish featured in their rolls, but this is NOT the case for Miyako. They have everything you could ever want; and if you don’t like sushi, don’t worry, there’s a little something for everyone! Even the hot food is beyond superb, and they cover everything from crab rangoons to chicken nuggets. Yes I said chicken nuggets. Or you can make a trip to their hibachi grill, and get some sizzling good eats. But i warn you, save some for dessert! Sherbet, brownies, cake, and cookies galore! You really can’t get a Japanese meal at a better price in Fort Lauderdale or Pompano, and I especially mean sushi. So dig in my friends, and make sure you don’t have any important plans afterwards; because with all the food you’re about to eat, it may be hard to move afterwards.