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Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill


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With two locations close in proximity to the university, it’s pratically a tradition for all FSU students to eat at Mr. Roboto at least once during their time in college. The atmosphere caters very much to their intended audience, with popular music playing throughout the establishment and intriguing art of robots and monsters making their way around Tokyo skyscrapers along the walls. The employees all seem to be college students themselves, though I haven’t personally had any negative experiences due to this.
Even if you aren’t a college student yourself, either location is work checking out. The prices are reasonable, and the local chain is considered a gem in Tallahassee. The entrees are presented nicely and are as delicious as they look, the sushi is wonderful, and the Tennessee St. location has a frozen yogurt shop connected to it (they sometimes offer discounts if you go in after eating at Mr. Roboto and show your receipt!).
Its two locations are convenient and easy to find, especially if you live around campus, and the food, price, and overall atmosphere and presentation are just a few reasons it’s one of the most popular local businesses in town. It will definitely give me something to miss after I graduate!
P.S.: Try the panko chicken (preferally with their yum yum sauce) and the Mongolian beef! You won’t regret it!