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NHK Studio Park


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NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai = Japan Broadcasting Group) is Japan’s public television and radio broadcaster. Its headquarters are located in Shibuya, Tokyo, next to Yoyogi Park.
NHK Studiopark is a part of the NHK Broadcasting Center that is open to the public. For a small entrance fee, it gives visitors a chance to look behind the scenes of NHK broadcasting.
At NHK Studiopark, visitors can observe how television programs such as the popular morning drama, the historical Taiga Drama and the kids program “Okaasan to issho” are being recorded. On weekdays from around 1pm, visitors can watch the nationwide live broadcast of the talk program “Stadiopark kara konnichiwa” from behind the scenes.
Furthermore, there are attractions which introduce various broadcasting technologies such as dubbing, computer graphics, digital broadcasting and 3D images, and illustrated information about popular programs of the past, NHK announcers and broadcasting history. Finally, there is a shop where NHK related goods, tapes and books can be purchased.- japan-guide.com