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Niwano Hana Japanese Restaurant


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Niwano Hana is a great Japanese spot for lunch and dinner for appetizers, sashimi and sushi, udon, soba, sukiyaki and bento boxes. They have great sushi specials like the Alligator and Volcano Rolls as well as the classics. Start off with some delectable appetizers like the grilled squid or the agedashi tofu. The entrees are less traditional with teriyaki chicken, beef, or salmon options, but they’re still tasty nonetheless. On colder days days, their udon is nice, with a tasty broth and an option of seafood or tempura; on warmer days, their icy cold soba is refreshing.
Lunch bento boxes are great and come with miso soup and salad. The sashimi is fresh and the uni (sea urchin) is delectable. The service and food are great; Niwano Hana is a great go-to sushi place for the area!

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