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Rainforest Cafe (Disney World Animal Kingdom)

This is an amazing restaurant to entertain the entire family.

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This is an amazing restaurant to entertain the entire family. The Rainforest Cafe is decorated as a tropical forest with a waterfall, vegetation, and several life-sized wildlife dispersed throughout: elephants, monkeys, jaguars, etc.

You can also shop within the building while you are waiting to be seated or after you’ve finished eating.
This is a very excited place for children because there are several employees dressed as wild animals, walking around the restaurant to interact with. There is Cha! Cha! the red-eyed tree frog, Tuki the baby elephant, Nile the crocodile, Bamba the gorilla, Maya the jaguar, Rio the macaw, Iggy and iguana, and Ozzie the orangutan.

The menu is large and varied, there is no one specific type of food that is served, including a kid’s menu. There are combos, salads, soups, cheese sticks, nachos, flatbread, chicken, burgers, seafood, pasta, etc.

There are many Rainforest Cafe’s throughout the United States and in Europe, but the experience is enhanced in Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom. This restaurant fits perfectly with the theme of this section of the park and it is a great place to satisfy your appetite.

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