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Seibo Catholic Hospital


5.0/51 Reviews

Hands down the BEST hospital I have ever been to in Japan. This hospital is a blessing and will make you feel like you are back home in the states at a reputable hospital with skilled doctors and modern medical equipment (you know…not the 100 yen shop flashlight that your clinic doctor used to check the back of your throat).

This hospital is huge with lots of doctors and English speaking sisters and doctors on hand. They have a maternity ward with English speaking doctors as well! They also have all the things a hospital SHOULD have (but most do not in Japan). I.e. a MRI/CT/XRAY machine, etc.

They have surgery rooms as well, so you know they have in-house skilled doctors and with all the necessary equipment. The hospital is also very clean. I think it’s strange that I have to say this, but Japan is pathetic in regards to cleanliness in hospitals. It’s like they are getting their medical information from a issue of the medical journal from 1894. All doctors wear latex gloves before performing examination and touching you as well as all patient bed/tables are freshly covered with paper sheets (you know the ones in the states). And yes, if you go to a regular clinic in Japan, the doctors RARELY wear gloves and I have NEVER seen the beds/tables covered with paper sheets. They must still think diseases don’t spread from one person to the next.

If you have had any experiences like most of us foreigners in Japan, this hospital will blow you away. Also it is very inexpensive, I was surprised how my payment amount was lower than EVERY single clinic I have been to for similar health problems. Go here and you will not be disappointed!

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1 Review for Seibo Catholic Hospital

asiatraveler 26 Reviews
Great hospital in Tokyo with bilingual staff and onsite translators

Love this hospital. Great place with doctors and services all under one roof. They also have translators available in several different languages.

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