South Beauty


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Sichuan cuisine is one of Chinese eight cuisines which has profound cultural connotation. With different dishes there are different delicacy, every dish is exquisite, for its strong delicacy, Sichuan cuisine is famous in domestic and abroad.

South Beauty as the leader of Chinese catering industry propagates the spirit and inherits the culture of Sichuan cuisine. Based on the feature of Chengdu cuisine and Chongqing cuisine and the ingenuity it creates the real spirit which reaches to boutique Sichuan cuisine of South Beauty.

In order to secure orthodox taste, South Beauty selects the delicious ingredients including seasoning that come from the globe and local Sichuan. It’s good at variation, makes flavor suit the corresponding dish, and makes the color, aroma and taste expressed fully. All of these have presented a kind of real boutique Sichuan cuisine.

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