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Sus Hi Eatstation


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Hands down, one of the most unique and overall best sushi places I have been to in Orlando. Located right across the street from the University of Central Florida. Sus Hi is a very popular local eatery of quite a number of students. One of the greatest things about the place is its level of customization; you choose from three entree options (sushi, bowl or wrap), choose a protein, any other ingredients or sauces, and the employees get to work on your order. You can add in as silly of things as bacon, fruit, Rice Crispies, raisins, and more typically unheard of additions to make your perfect entree. If you choose to have cheese on top, you will be asked if you’d like it blowtorched; and they actually mean “blowtorched” (you cheese will be melted on top of your order with one of the handy blowtorches they keep nearby)! The portions are just right, and usually leave you with leftovers, especially the sushi (which is HUGE). Everything is incredibly fresh and tasty, and the ability to create your own everything is a wonderful idea, especially when appealing to the college crowd. The prices are awesome as well; sushi rolls are $6 without tax, and bowls and wraps are $7. They also have some great sides (including fried tempura, eggrolls, ginger salad and more) to add along with your order, and sell some genuine Japanese drinks in the fridge next to the register.
It’s a fantastic place to go if you’re looking for Japanese food with an interesting twist and an incredible level of personalization, and an even better place if you’re a college student looking for a cheap, great place to get food!
P.S.: they also offer a program where you get a stamp card with your first visit. With each order, you get another stamp, and once you fill it up, you get a free meal!