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Tallahassee Museum


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The Tallahassee Museum was an interesting find for me when I was trying to look for things for my boyfriend and I to do during my first semester in college here. Located about 10 minutes by car from campus, it’s a unique outdoor museum with a suprising amount of exhibits of North Florida history, nature, and wildlife. Our main focus had been on the wildlife portion, and it’s definitely still our favorite. There are huge boardwalks surrounded by beautiful trees that you can walk on and view the animals from, all happily living in natural habitats and not just simple cages or glass exhibits. On top of that, zip lines were recently set up in the museum for guests to use (for an additional fee). There are also local events that happen at different times of the year (such as the annual Jazz and Blues Festival in early April), which provides more activities to attend while at the museum.
If you want a fun outdoor trip to take with friends or family in Tally, or even on your own, this museum is definitely worth checking out.