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Waikiki Beach


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Here is what we called “vacation”:
Wake up at 9 in the morning, walk to the beach from your room in 2 mins, enjoy the sun bath on the beach, have a great brunch at fantastic restaurant with great beach view, go shopping in a fancy shopping mall, back to the beach enjoy the sunset, have a romantic dinner at a world-class restaurant, end the day on the beach with astoning view at the night.
You can do all of them in one place – Waikiki Beach, one of the popular beaches in the world.
The beach itself is amazing clean, neat, beautiful and fresh; people can either stay on the beach enjoying the sun or do some water activities such as surfing, snorking and playing in the water; they offer some surfing lesson and umbrella, chair rental right at the beach. Besides, there is police station situated next to the beach, so it is defintely a fun and safe place to be. Plan your next vacation at the famous Waikiki Beach.