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Zebra Grill


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The Zebra Grill is unlike most restaurants and captures the Ethiopian culture. Although this restaurant is definitely not a four star restaurant, it is a cultural experience in itself. The Zebra Grill is great for the adventurous type of person wanting to mingle with the Ethiopian people and enjoy a flavorful meal. They serve American food with an Ethiopian flair, as well as traditional Ethiopian cuisine. 
This place is considered upscale in Ethiopia, but diners should be aware that the floors are simply dirt and the service can take a while. However, service is typically long at every food venue in Ethiopia because everything is made fresh. Make sure not to drink the water since this is a third world country, but everything that is cooked is safe.
English menus are available and make sure to ask for no berbere on the food (it is on everything) if you are not keen on spicy food. 
*Ethiopia was not listed on the country list, but a country had to be chosen in order to post. The Zebra Grill is not in Egypt, but is in Ethiopia.