By becoming a YoNinja member, you will gain access to 100% of the site as well as all the tools on your user home page. Below are some of the features available to registered users and a brief explanation on how to use them.


The trip planner is your personal travel organizer. It’s in the early stages, but you can currently add any listing on YoNinja to your trip planner and use this list for your upcoming trip. It’s simply, browse through YoNinja’s listings and when you see a place you like, click on the “Add to Trip” link in the “share and tag” box in the upper right hand corner of our site. If you want to remove it from your trip planner, just click the link again or click on the “Remove from Trips” link when you are viewing your travel planner. Check out your trip planner by going to your My Account page ( and clicking on the “Trip Planner” link


Save listings that you like to your favorites list. Been to a restaurant or bar and loved it, click on the “Add to My Favorites” link in the “share and tag” box. This will automatically add the listing to your favorites list on your my account page. Later you will be able to share your favorites with your YoNinja friends and others outside of YoNinja.


Show others the places you have been to. When you come across a listing that you have been to, click on the “Add to Visited Places” link in the “share and tag” box. This will add it to your Visited Places list on your My Account page.


Browse through and pull up listings that you have submitted to YoNinja by going to your My Listings page. You can access the My Listings page through your My Account page.


Browse through comments that you have posted on YoNinja listings by viewing your My Comments page. You can access the My Comments page through your My Account page.


Contact other YoNinja members by going to their Account page and clicking on the contact tab. This is a private message between you and that user. You can view the user account page by clicking on their username when you view their comment/review.

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