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A Takoyaki chain spread throughout the Tokyo metropolis.

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A Takoyaki chain spread throughout the Tokyo metropolis. It’s unique for it’s standing only dining area with a focus on beer, highball drinks, and takoyaki. Definitely stop by for a 6 or 8 count of Takoyaki and a refreshing beer.

Takoyaki (fried octopus) is a classic street food in Japan and can be seen everywhere, especially in Osaka. Takoyaki are bite-sized ball made from flour and egg butter with octopus, scallions and poured into a special Takoyaki pan and fried until the skin is golden brown.

Finally, add mayonnaise and bonito flakes on the top.

Tsukiji Gindaco is well-known for its speciality and variety Takoyaki since 1999. The outer of Takoyaki is extra crispy and inner is soft and runny in your mouth.

NO.1 Hot Takoyaki is Takoyaki with soft-boiled egg.

The price range is between 630-1050 JPY.

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